Where are the INDIAN TOURISM MINISTER, KERALA Tourism  MINISTER, VARKALA MLA, HEALTH SECRETARY,  VARKALA POLICE?The drainage and waste Dump into Beaches, are EATING by FISHES, and all INDIANS are simultaneously eating these FISHES, will cause epidemics, SKIN DISEASES to YOU ALL AND COMING NEXT GENERATIONS.

While tests were conducting by ZEUS/THYSEEN, GERMANY, I was newly appointed in the same SWRO Desalination Plant during June 7, 1992, as Assistant Supervisor of Distilleries in ABU DHABI WATER DEPT: In front of old staff I was nothing. But I had done whatever I could do in my position. 1997 IDA, Madrid, SPAIN, World Congress on Water.

While visiting a nearby Island (SIR BINYAS) the following observations were made and a personnel letter was forwarded to His Highness the President of U.A.E., SH. ZAYED,  during 29th October 1992 by registered post. The main content of the paper is as follows:

His Highness the President of U.A.E. is having well educated City & Town planers, Engineers, well respected Personnel Advisers and Policy makers. I am not specialized in Environmental studies, but I used to read Environmental studies books and leaflets whenever I get it free.

To my surprise, it was found that a population of 1000 private department workers Sewage is directly going to the Seawater without any preliminary or secondary treatment. It contains human wastes, soap, urine, organic materials etc. Location of the Sewerage from the island going to the Seawater where not too much under current was seen also accelerates the process of assembly and vigorous growth.

By this and other things the following situations are occurring:

  • A dirty atmosphere which will not produce fresh air for Human consumption. All the sewage contains decomposble organic matter and they exert an Oxygen demand on the receiving waters.
  • The Island surrounding Seawater will have tremendous growth of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and algae etc, which can only be detected through high power microscopes. A bacteria growth of 2.7 x 10³ was detected per sq. inch. Among the pathogenic bacteria, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibro Cholera, Leptospira, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Pasteuurella Tararensis are most important. Viruses are infectious agents of both plants and animals cells. They are ultra microscopic, obligate inter cellular parasites. Viruses like Enteroviruses, Adenoviruses, Polio viruses, Infectious Hepatitis Viruses and Coxsackie Viruses are the most common Viruses present in polluted waters and sewage. Also certain Algae are allergic to fishes which will produce rotten egg smell.
  •  The wastewater from the Petroleum complexes and Fertilizer complexes will have small quantities of Phosphates, Sulphur, Sulphites, Nitrates, Amines, Urea etc, The back washes water from SWRO plant is having Sulfates, Chlorine, Iron, Ammonia etc,. Those will accelerates the growth of viruses, bacteria and algae at a larger scale and will produce lethal viruses surrounding the Island and other coastal areas nearby due to hot climatic conditions of the Middle East.
  • The tests carried out at SWRO plant is showing that so many type of unicellular micro organisms like Gallionella, Pseudomonas, Diplococcic, Nitrosomonas, Klepsiella and other micro organisms are eating the costly membrane materials of SWRO Plants. Thereby affecting the Seawater Desalination capacity and quality of water producing. To avoid it increased the chemical dosing and chemical cleanings are frequently carrying out every FIFTEEN days.
  • Flora and fauna became whitish color and dying . 1995 International Desalination Association, Abu Dhabi. U.A.E., World Congress on Water.  

BY INSTALLING A SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT AT THE ISLAND, a healthy environment can be created and can save the costly Desalination Plants.THE ABOVE LINES COST MY JOB AND FAMILY LIFE SINCE THEN and came United States during November 1997
I am comparing the above published lines with VARKALA BEACH. In this CORONA VIRUS epidemic situations.  I am inviting ALL WORLD Leaders to act immediately for  Environmental  Protection and Health Preservation of all COASTAL BEACHES World WIDE and PROTECT NATIONS People.
 Immediately bring permanent solutions to ALL KERALA BEACHES including All INDIAN BEACHES NOW to avoid CORONA like VIRUSES  #SaveVarkalaBeach #BennyJosephThumbsUp #JanaPakshamThumbsUp #VismayaNews  #SafetyTankWasteDumping  #ProtectNature #EnvironmentalProtection #ErectSewageTreatmentPlants #BinduHaridas #CombinationOfCoronoAndManyViruses #InfectiousDisease #PathogenContainment #Plague #PoisoningWells #TownsUnderLockDown #AirConditioningTheMotherEarth #HumanRightsActivist #raveendrannarayanan @Raveendrannaray   

By Raveendran Narayanan USA


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