AGAINST DENIERS AND SKEPTICS     A scientific paper “Connections of Mushrooming of Seawater Desalination Systems in the Middle East and Environmental Disasters Around the World”. by Raveendran Narayanan , USA , was supposed to publish in Dubrovnik-2009 Conference in September, at Croatia . But unavailability of a return travel document from US Home Land Security, prohibited the … More AGAINST DENIERS AND SKEPTICS

“It Snowed for 66 Hours Straight in Syracuse NY”

From The Weather Channel Android App: “NOT CARBON DI OXIDE, BUT DE-ICERS” OCEANS CIRCULATIONS WILL DECIDE & TAKE CONTROL OF OUR CLIMATE DUE TO DE-ICERS FROM PERSIAN GULF ( Detected 31,000 p.p.m. Sodium Chloride and 7,000 p.p.m. Magnesium certain times): * SEA RAISE. * INTENSITIES OF HURRICANES. * ESCAPING OF METHANE FROM BOTTOM OF … More “It Snowed for 66 Hours Straight in Syracuse NY”

SCIENTISTS ARE CONFUSED Scientists are confused and are submitting many papers. I am, Raveendran Narayanan, Desalination Researcher and Author of many published paper by IDA, through CONTINUING education, declaring that from Persian GULF circulations the CLIMATE is changing. The geiographic position of Persian Gulf is different. Every year the flow from Persian Gulf is not coming to … More SCIENTISTS ARE CONFUSED