MELTING AND DEICING ARE SEPARATE PROCESS  November 12, 2015, while four Hurricanes came to PACIFIC, I predicted that “EVEN DURING WINTER ICE SHELVES WILL DEICE IN ANTARCTICA AND ARCTICA”.The sources of concentrated deicers are heavy duty desalination systems. We can arrest it by installing Zero Discharge Systems (Z.D.S.). No Melting in the TOP SURFACES, BUT DEICING BY CONC. DEI CERS … More MELTING AND DEICING ARE SEPARATE PROCESS

Watch “Obama at COP21” on YouTube

Obama at COP21: PRESIDENT OBAMA used words:  Alaska sea shore roads + ice SHELVES + Melting. But SEA WATER + ICE SHELVES = DEICING. “THE GLOBAL WARMING GREEN  SWINDLE ” WATCH ALL THREE FOR FULL EFFECTS   !!!!! Obama’s Promise the Bankrupt the Coal Industry via @YouTube In the name of CO2 many … More Watch “Obama at COP21” on YouTube