Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence  and Human Rights Law. The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their creator, and which governments are created to protect.

Raveendran Narayanan became pauper due to coordinated economic attack by many. During a court ordered eye tests, 2004, #aiginsurancedocter tried his best to damage my eyes by dropping  Corticosteroids. Dr. REDDY of Believe Hospital, New York City, found  Lamella Hole in Left Retina during 2005. Done Glaucoma laser of both eyes two times and using two eyedrops since then.

Only  bought Domain ““. Google search Engine copy and paste—–>>>>>> “Raveendran Narayanan”+”Climate  Change”
Long story. Two three big organizations, Koffi Annan, two governments DIDN’T allowed to work in USA even though my Green Card was approved  during 2000 in the category “Extra ordinary ability in the field of Science and Technology” because many R. & D. papers were published by International Desalination Association World Congress on Water and ENVIRONMENTAL Protection since 1995. Compelled to study Human Rights Law to defend myself. and many articles in digital medias.


Raveendran Narayanan is a R.O. Water specialist since 1981. During the course of R. & D. in the Middle East found Environmental wrong doing and published through World Water Congresses ( Termination from Abu Dhabi Water, 1997. Reported Koffi Annan, former UN Secretary  General, with 101pages Human RIGHTS complaint. He with aluminum sword and my 101 pages complaint dated 02/09/1999 to UAE President and this guy received  a golden ceremonial sword. Then UAE DEVELOPED ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS IN PERSIAN  GULF. Case in Inter American COMMISSION  HUMAN RIGHTS as my three children struggled due to my absent, 20 years.

 Life, Liberty and personal pursuit of happiness, basic of Human Rights, were violated by many.

Dr. Raveendran Narayanan USA :-

IPCC needs $122 TRILLION for Climate Correction, BUT not C02 and GHG.

3° C Temperature REDUCTION is possible by erecting ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEMS in DESALINATION plants.


“ONE SHOT MANY BIRDS” : via @Raveendrannaray.

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Dr. RAVEENDRAN NARAYANAN, USA Creator: air conditioning the mother earth

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