Not Ocean Temperature, but Concentrated Desalination Wastes Killing Coral Reefs

NOT CO2 & SUN,THEN WHAT? – Raveendrannarayanan’s Blog.

Author is a Desalination Scientist, published many research & development papers by International Desalination Association World CONGRESS since 1995. Environmental protection and Climate Change Works are progressing.

Since 1980 never ever OCEANS pH went below 8.00. Is it ACIDITY?

With my published papers IDA ( made some rules and regulations. Before Millions of Tons of presentation treatment DESALINATION WASTE and Chemical cleaning of the Systems were DUMPING IN OCEANS AND SEAS that caused CORALS, FLORA AND FAUNA around the WORLD DIED OR became whitish color. Since 1998, ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEMS (ZDS) were erected in Desalination SYSTEMS and problem partly solved. Many white color coral Reefs are old photos and slides still showing. Over fishing is not a problem.

Many are producing beautiful Videos, but nobody is solving the problems.

” AIR CONDITIONING THE MOTHER EARTH” (Climate Change Third Group) is progressing.

by Dr. Raveendran Narayanan “ONE SHOT MANY BIRDS” :- via @Raveenddrannaray

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