Scientists are confused and are submitting many papers.

I am, Raveendran Narayanan, Desalination Researcher and Author of many published paper by IDA, through CONTINUING education, declaring that from Persian GULF circulations the CLIMATE is changing. The geiographic position of Persian Gulf is different. Every year the flow from Persian Gulf is not coming to major OCEANS and SEAS. When the CONCENTRATED flow is coming to major OCEANS the calamities starting in East or West according to the Ocean CIRCULATIONS.  Scientists could not agree that High salinity water containing 31,000 p.p.m.Sodium Chloride and 7,100 p.p.m. Magnesium Chloride brought by Hurricanes, Cyclone and Typhoons DE-ICING ICE SHELVES FROM BOTTOM. Raveendran Narayanan is the only person who challenged NASA, NOAA & IPCC. WHY I AM DIFFERENT FROM 31, 487 GLOBAL WARMING SCIENTISTS? SAY NO TO ALARM. NOT CO2.

New book publishing soon in USA ” Environmental RAPES & H. R. ABUSES Lead to Climate Change Control” (full color- 500 pages)


By Raveendran Narayanan USA


Mobile. 1 347 666 8603

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