Not only volcanic erruptions in the future but also by Oceans and Seas analysis is a major factor to solve Climate problems. During 1995 while I started to write research papers on Desalination industry nobody including NOAA, IPCC, NUCLEAR Regulatory Commission, Oceans Organizations etc. were not having Oceans and Seas analysis Reports.
For reveling Environmental wrong doing through 1997 IDA Madrid, SPAIN, World Congress published paper Abu Dhabi Water Administration terminated from job and came to United States for good, but ……..
Later former United Arab Emirates President received an Aluminium Ceremonial sword from former UN Secretary General.
U. A.E. gave two Golden cermonial swords, one to former UN Secretary General and other to former U.S. Secretary of States to damage our environment and done cordinated ecnomic attack by International Corporations and Diginitories to spoil the life of a poor World Water Researcher. Approved Green Card in the catagory Scientist (E1) was terminated during 2003. During 2004 by court ordered eye tests AIG Insursnce Doctor used corticosteroids to damage my eyes. 2005 Dr. Reddy found Lamella hole in my left retina. Now also eye pressures increasing and tests and treatments are going on. After 20 years the process is going on and my life is in peril.
Island developments started bulk scale in the Arabian Gulf with the blessings of United Nations and United States. Not only that, but also mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East is going on with out regulations and enforsements. Uncontrolled dumping of Desalination concentrates, Pre treatment Chemicals and chemical cleaning chemicals started to infect our Oceans and Seas.
The geographical position of Arabian Gulf is not allowing every year to mix with Indian Ocean and Ocean Circulations. Certain years during Hurricane seasons while Concentrated sea water, (31,000 p.p.m Sodium Chloride and 7,100 p.p.m. Megnesium Chloride) flows towards Atlantic, calamities and HURRICANES and if the Ocean circulations towards East Cyclons and Typhoons there. Researchers calling this as EL NINO & LA NINA. !!!!!!
The above paper, volcanic erruptions, not discusing about Sea raises, intensities of hurricanes, Ozone holes, 3°C temperature reductions and Environmental protection etc. but I am doing these with separate facebook pages only.
The unpublished paper (US Homeland Security did not given a return travel doccument) to present at Dubrovenik – 2009 Conference ” Connections of Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East and Environmental Disasters around the World” 47 pages attachment mail was forwaded to Nobel Peace Commitee, World Leaders including former US President Obama, IPCC, Globel warming Scientists, Environmental Scientists, World Environmental Ministers etc during October 20, 2009. But never replied. Even printed copies two times to OBAMA. He was busy with Carbon Di-oxide groups.
Mushrooming of oil production flatforms on the Gulf of Mexico is having a greator role to increase the intensities of Hurricanes to catagory 5 to 6 Huracanes.
Sulfer di-oxide from valcanos and oil leaking from oil production flatforms Sulfur Di-oxide from oil rigs can produce Sulfate and Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) Airosoles. That is why Hurricane Kathrina & Irma in Texas, Luisiana & New Orleans.
Catagory 6 Hurricane might have formed in Texas and nearby States but during 2012 an oil pipeline from Abu Dhabi to Fujiraha was installed. Oil tanker loading to ships completly terminated in Arabian Gulf since then. The geographic position of Arabian Gulf is playing a greater roll to control intensities of Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclons. By regulations oil tanker cleaning and dumping of cleaned oil to open Oceans and Seas must stop compleately to stop intensities of Hurricanes, Thypoons & Cyclones.

Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline (ADCOP) alternatively known as Habshan-Fujiraha Pipeline, is a vital component of Emirati infrastructure that began operation during June 30, 2012.
The 370 Km. (231 Mile) Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline carries oil from Offshore, UAE’s Western desert to the East coast port of Fujiraha. No body is aware that there is a hidden and another use of this pipeline. This pipeline also doing Environmental protection in Arabian Gulf, so the pipe line is partialy controling the climate. According to 2015 report totaly there are 145 oil Rigs in Persian Gulf. If the pipeline is not there catagory SIX Hurricanes with calamities might have occoured in US mainland.
In an earlier paper last year I wrote that simaltaniously applied two Technologies in the Arabian Gulf and waiting for the results. # One is Habshan- Fujiraha pipeline. # Two is installation of Zero Discharge Systems (ZDS) in Desalination plants to capature DE-ICERS (Megnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride etc). Came to know that International Desalination Association (IDA) is enforsing Desalination Contracters to install it. So Catagory 6 Hurricanes were arested since 2012.

Carbon Di-oxide Alarmists Scaring tactics:

1, Usually Sulfer Di-oxide emitting from Oil production platforms are burned same time.
2, Then mentioned Ocean Acidification. Since thirty seven years I am measuring Oceans and Seas pH intermittently as I was working and researching in S.W.R.O. Desalinations and published many papers by WorldCongresses. Never everOceans and Seas pH less than 8.00.
3, Acid Rain poly was not also well explained.
4, CO2 is Plant food.
5, Intentional wide fires by CO2 Group. Many Federal Investigators are investigating it.
“Why I am diffrent from 31,487 Global Warming and Environmental Scientists?”

Dedicating this article to my DEAREST FRIEND, Journalist, Humanitarian Activist Late Jose Pinto Stephen (11-13-2017). May his soule rest in PEACE.
By Raveendran Narayanan USA


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