Russian ship ‘Akademik Shokalskiy’ stuck in Antarctic Ice starts moving again, per my forecas… via @wattsupwiththat
Researchers still trapped in ice

Ongoing and continuing researches in CLIMATE CHANGE & GLOBAL WARMING indicating that ” AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH ” is progressing. !!!!!

Since 1986 continuing education & researches started in Desalination Engineering in the Middle East Countries.
Continuing of data collections of Oceans & Seas Analysis since 1980 indicating that GLOBAL CLIMATE is changing from more concentrations of SALT particularly SODIUM CHLORIDE & MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE. Certain years these were over 31,000 p.p.m. and 7,100 p.p.m. respectively.

But NASA & I.P.C.C. Scientists were declaring though many videos and publicity that MELTING OF ICE SHELVES are going on and many research flights & ships to ANTARCTICA is continuing since many years to measure ICE MASSES. (Melting & DEICING are two separate process that I mentioned in many earlier posts & blogs).
This year ( 2013 ) there was not much stronger Hurricanes in the Atlantic, but more strongest deadly Cyclones and Typhoons originated from South to Continental ASIA. That is why now, emphasis added, salt concentration near ANTARCTIC reduced and it will continue for long time. More over, now the WINTER is only starting.

Today, third effort by strong rescuer ship also failed in that region. But Climate Researchers are safe with seven more weeks of food and fuel storage.
Last week, I have noted and posted a photo of SOUTH POLE with JULY 31, 2013 temperature -93*C (-135.3*F.) That was in summer of 2013. So my opinion is evacuate the entire ship as soon as possible for the SAFETY of 74 Climate Researches.
Anyway, all the rescue ships are near the site. My request is a bottle of Sea water from that area. Can be mailed to Raveendran Narayanan, C/o. 55 A, E. Gun hill Road, Bronx, New York, NY- 10467-2103, U.S.A.
During January 2009, a request for a bottle of Sea water from Southern Ocean was never answered by Captain of British Royal Ship which was near that region. More over, many requests to many OCEANS ORGANIZATIONS for Oceans analysis reports were never answered ( that was for my unpublished paper in DUBROVNIK 2009- CONFERENCE ” CONNECTIONS OF MUSHROOMING OF DESALINATION SYSTEMS IN THE MIDDLE EAST & ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS AROUND WORLD ” (47 Pages). My question is what are they doing with out OCEAN’S analysis?
Now. the building of more ice masses & glaciers will progress.
During 2013, not much stronger Hurricanes in Atlantic.
Stronger Hurricanes were already arrested and this will continue in 2014.
So no more Sea rise now, but I will wait & report accordingly.
Earlier Hurricanes used to bring Concentrated salts to Southern Oceans & near Green Land.
Even during WINTER Concentrated salts used to deice Ice Shelves & Glaciers.
Scientists miss understood that GREEN HOUSE GASES particularly CARBON DI OXIDE used to make GLOBAL WARMING & MELTING ICE SHELVES & GLACIERS.
Book publishing soon in US ” ENVIRONMENTAL RAPES & H. R. ABUSES LEAD TO CLIMATE CHANGE CONTROL ” (Full colors – 500 pages).
WELCOME TO VISIT ” AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH “, Climate Change 3rd Group & comment.

Raveendran Narayanan, ” ” via @Raveendrannaray ” AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH IS PROGRESSING “


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