ATTENTION NASA SCIENTISTS : “PINE ISLAND GLACIERS. NOT MELTING, BUT DEICING. MELTING & DEICING ARE TWO SEPARATE PROCESS.  Have you collected water SAMPLES? Ocean circulations are bringing conc: DEICERS like 32,000 p.p.m.of SODIUM CHLORIDE & 7,000 p.p.m. of MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE. Today South POLE TEMPERATURE IS ~59*C. Heavy duty Desalination Systems are dumping Conc. DEICERS TO OCEANS & Seas. Erect ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEMS ( Z.D.S. ) & STOP EXTREME WEATHER LIKE CYCLONES,  TYPHOONS & HURRICANES. 2*C can be easily redusable.” NOT CO2  !!!!! –>>>>>  ” AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH”  !!!!! ( CLIMATE CHANGE 3rd GROUP )

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