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NOT CO2, but Deicers.Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East & Artificial Island development in the Arabian Gulf are the main causes of CLIMATE CALAMITIES. CAPTURE Deicers from heavy duty Desalination Systems. –> More Ice Masses & Glaciers+No Sea Level Rise+No Methane Escapes + No Ozone Holes + Intensities of Hurricanes Will reduce+No Extreme Weather + NO DROUGHTS + FOOD & VEGGIES — >> AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH”.

NASA announced that 2008 & 2009 were MINIMUM SOLAR YEARS



Worde Ice shelf March 1986*
Larsen A Ice shelf January 1995*
Larsen B Ice shelf February 2002*
Jones Ice Shelf 2008*

Wilkins Ice shelf March 2008
Patrolman Glazier April 2012

If the Ice shelves are disintegrating during WINTER, it is not SUN or CO2.

Climate Change is due to the following:-
1. Mushrooming of Sea water desalination…

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