“NOT CO2 & SUN” LOOK OUTSIDE, AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH IS PROGRESSING “ via @Raveendrannaray “ANTARCTICA Not Melting, but DEICEING. MELTING & DEICING ARE TWO DIFFERENT PROCESS. Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East started after 1980. Since then Conc. Deicers started to DEICE ICE SHELVES LITTLE BY LITTLE. NON OF US NOTICED. This Climate WAR will be WON by those who are having OCEANS & SEAS Analysis since 1980. LOOK OUTSIDE. !!!!!!!!! More SNOWING. -+>>>> AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH ”


  1. ” MANY ICE SHELVES ARE CARVING in ANTARTICA & ARTIC BY CONCENTRATED DEICERS LIKE 31,500 p.p.m. of Sodium Chloride & 7,100 p.p.m. of Megnesium Chloride. By capturing these from Desalination Systems We can AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH. Instead NASA Scientists are telling that ICE SHELVES are MELTING. Now NO places are left in ANTARCTICA where NASA is keeping PROBES and nameing Scientists . THOSE who are SOLVING GLOBAL WARMING & CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEMS should be rewarded & honoured ”


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