NOT CO2 & NUCLEAR , BUT DEICERS. Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the MIDDLE EAST & Artificial Island Developments in the ARABIAN GULF are the main causes of GLOBAL WARMING & CLIMATE CHANGE. CAPTURING Deicers from heavy duty Desalination Systems. & BUILDING ice masses & glaciers. ( Recover Concentrated Magnesium Chloride ( 7,100 p.p.m.) & Sodium Chloride ( 31,000 p.p.m. ) we can CORRECT THE CLIMATE. WHILE ICE SHELVES DEICES METHANE WILL ESCAPE & WILL FORM OZONE HOLES.
( NASA’s SEA SATELLITE detected more salts near the POLES.)
Ice shelves in Arctic & Antarctic are Natural Air Conditioners of
MOTHER EARTH. When more ice in both Poles, the third Pole, as Scientists described, Himalayas will have abundance of ice and Snow & Bolivia will have more Glaciers & water.
Book publishing soon in US ” Environmental Rapes & H. R. Abuses Lead to Climate Change Control ” ( Full colors-500 pages )

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