Temperature increased around World during 1982, that was the time Mushrooming of Desalination systems started in the M.E. Continuing education, attending seminars, conferences around World & collecting Oceans & Seas analysis since 1980 & R. D. in Desalination Engineering resulted in publications of many papers since 1995.The final conclusion is CLIMATE IS CHANGING FROM SEA WATER CIRCULATIONS.CAPTURE DEICERS FROM DESALINATION SYSTEMS&BUILD MORE ICE MASSES FOR THE AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH.
IN GLOBAL WARMING A THIRD GROUP: NOT CO2, BUT DEICERS.CONCENTRATED DEICERS ARE DEICING ICE SHELVES. CAPTURE IT from heavy duty Desalination Systems. Concentrated deicers like 32,500 p.p.m. Sodium Chloride & 7,100 p.p.m Magnesium Chloride are calving the Ice-shelves from the base. By erecting Zero Discharge Systems ( ZDS ) in Heavy Duty Desalination Systems around World the deicing of ice-shelves & Glaciers can be stopped. Moreover NASA’s SEA SATELLITE detected more salts near the POLES.Book publishing soon in US ” Environmental Rapes & H. R. Abuses Lead to Climate Change Control ” ( Full colors-500 pages) .

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