NASA announced that  2008 & 2009 were MINIMUM SOLAR YEARS



   Worde Ice shelf                                    March      1986*
   Larsen A Ice shelf                                January   1995*
  Larsen B Ice shelf                                February   2002*
  Jones Ice Shelf                                                   2008*

  Wilkins Ice shelf                                    March    2008

If the Ice shelves are disintegrating during WINTER, it is not SUN or CO2.

Climate Change is due to the following:-
1. Mushrooming of Sea water desalination systems in the Middle East:
    Discharging of desalination  & Cleaning chemicals  &  Concentrated
    brine into Oceans & Seas.
2. Artificial Island developments in the Arabian Gulf since 1985: dredging,
   drilling, dynamiting & excavation of sea floor shifted Magnesium
   Chloride, Sulfur & Sodium Chloride

3. The geographic position of the Arabian Gulf is peculiar to other
Oceans & Seas.

    Ocean circulations bringing it to Arctic & Antarctic Oceans during Monsoon

    seasons along with hot water of the Middle East.
Those who are having the Oceans water Analysis since 1980 will WIN  the
Climate WAR.

 Concentrated 7,100 p.p.m. of Magnesium Chloride & 31,000
p.p.m. of Sodium Chloride are detected in the Arabian Gulf. These are
De-icing agents which are helping to disintegrates the Arctic &
Antarctic Iceshelves.  International Desalination Association (IDA) is

 investigating about it.

If we enforce strict Environmental regulations, recover MgCl3 and NaCl3 at
Straight of Hormosa and Straight of Gibraltar and recover  those at
closed eddies of Baffin Bay & Green Land Sea we can correct the climate.

Sea ice & Ice shelves in Arctic & Antarctic are Natural Air Conditioners of

MOTHER EARTH. When more ice in both Poles, the third Pole, as Scientists
described, Himalayas will have abundance of ice and Snow & Bolivia
will have more Glaciers & water.
Book releasing soon in USA ” Environmental Rapes & H. R. Abuses Lead
to Climate Change Control”.
(Full color 500 pages) by Raveendran Narayana

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