YES, Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East started during 1980. Mean time the pH of Oceans became ACIDIC because complete draining of ARABIAN GULF & MEDETERANIAN h appended for which Scientists in distress calling EL- NINO. Ocean Scientists were too late to detect CORAL REEFS DAMAGES because no body was having OCEANS & SEAS ANALYSIS. During 1992, I was located in an Island & I have seen myself CORALS became bleached & whitish color. Voiced through 1997 IDA WORLD CONGRESS ON WATER.If timely action has taken 1999 temperature rise might NOT happened  & strength of HURRICANE KATRINA might have reduced. In return what I got was TERMINATION FROM ABU DHABI ELECTRICITY & WATER DEPT, U.A.E. During 2009, requested to many Oceans Organisations including INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY for Oceans Analysis Reports, but NON of them having it. What type of Oceans Organisations are these? The Oceans Analysis Report need was to prepare a paper to DUBROVNIK -2009 CONFERENCE ” Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the M.E. & Environmental Disasters Around World ” ( 47 pages ) not published because of a return travel document from US. Publishing soon in US ” Environmental Rapes & H. R. Abuses Lead to Climate Change Control ” ( Full colors – 500 pages )

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