1. ” NOT CO2 ″ http://t.co/tn1G4B4 via @Raveendrannaray AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH IS PROGRESSING !!!!!! NOT CO2, but Deicers.Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East & Artificial Island development in the Arabian Gulf are the main causes of CLIMATE CALAMITIES. CAPTURE Deicers from heavy duty Desalination Systems & BUILD MORE Ice Masses & Glaciers(2*C CAN BE EASILY RED USABLE) –>>>> No Sea Level Rise+No Methane Escapes + No Ozone Holes + Intensities of Hurricanes Will reduce+No Extreme Weather + NO DROUGHTS + FOOD & VEGGIES — >> AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH”. (CLIMATE CHANGE 3RD GROUP


  1. I am Not seeking an Element in my name, but wishing my name to be put in ANTARCTICA as I am the only fellow telling that DEICERS are changing the CLIMATE. Many NASA Scientists are keeping many PROBES there & naming them with their. NOW there is no places LEFT. During 1997, I solved Water Production Cost Reduction. Late Ex US President JOHN F. KENNEDY once said that those who solve World’s WATER problems should get TWO Nobel Prizes, ONE for Science & other for WORLD PEACE. Those who are solving the CLIMATE PROBLEMS MUST BE HONORED & Awarded Nobel Peace Prize. WELCOME TO VISIT AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=443125029069082&set=pb.186829931365261.-2207520000.1366746182.&type=3&theater


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