RAVEENDRAN NARAYANAN (@Raveendrannaray) has shared a tweet with you

Humans on coral reefs:http://t.co/Q9Ozepp via @youtube” Environmental Rapes by Koffi Annan by receiving Golden Sword from UAE Royals in 1999 — RAVEENDRAN NARAYANAN ” Heavy Duty Desalination Systems around the world are dumping. Millions of tons of Chemicals, including cleaning chemicals 24/7/365 basis.These are killing the Corals, Flora ,Founa & the Reefs. Those became whiteish color since 1990 & 50% World wide damaged. Mentioned about these in IDA WORLD CONGRESS ON WATER PUBLISHED PAPERS ( 1995- UAE & 1997- SPAIN ) & immediately after 1997 World Congress finished me from Abu Dhabi Water Administration.Wrote about to then UN SECRETARY GENERAL with a 101 page file. He got Golden Cermonial Sword from UAE Royals during 1999. That is how our environment is rapeing by Authorities ” (@Raveendrannaray)

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