” I am in Climate Change feild only since 2009. But I am in Desalination Engineering since 1980. Since then I started to collect data of Oceans & Seas from diffrent sources. I was fortunate to get study meterials of GLAXCO UNIVERSITY’S DESALINATION ENGINEERING. Continuing education,Researches,data collection since 1980 is concluding by ploting a Graph that CLIMATE IS CHANGING from Oceans, Seas & we can correct it by Regulations & Enforcements ”
EARTH’S Climate can be controled by capturing Conc: De-icers by installing Zero Discharge Systems (ZDS) in Desalination Plants around WORLD particularly in M.E.
Hurricanes will reduce, Icemass will grow in BOTH POLES & HIMALAYAS & thereby GLOBAL WARMING will ARREST & NO SEA LEVEL RISE. Visit SARVA KALA VALLABHAN GROUP ”


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