RAVEENDRAN NARAYANAN (@Raveendrannaray) has shared a tweet with you” ATTENTION 350.ORG: STOP going behind Keystone oil pipelines. Your presence should be in Verginia on MARCH 14/ 2012, to view & smell the Atmospheric Experiments. NOT only but FIVE MASSIVE ROKETS are firing simoltaniously over NORTH EAST COASTof USA. Tell them to go to space and do the experiments there, NOT OVER GREAT POPULATIONS & CITIES. Why don’t CAPTURE DEICERS FROM HEAVY DUTY DESALTERS & COOL DOWN MOTHER EARTH. For it only need strict regulations & enforcements. NO MONEY NEEDED IN THIS ECONOMY. IORN FERTILIZATION EXPERIMENTS at Southern Ocean failed to reduce CO2. DAMAGED OCEANS & SEAS. GEO ENGINEERING IS GENOCIDE ENGINEERING. STOP IT NOW”

http://t.co/euMQ8U3″GEO ENGINEERING IS GENOCIDE ENGINEERING. Why don’t you capture DEICERS from heavy… http://t.co/KDqwn76 — RAVEENDRAN NARAYANAN (@Raveendrannaray)


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